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Weapons & Armour Of The Early Middle Ages

Those are some of the assets I have created for a future Mod for the upcoming Mount & Blade II Bannerlord.

Created with 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Bitmap2Material, Marmoset Toolbag and DaVinci Resolve. The "Worn Wood Plank" texture is from

The assets are all based on the replicas of Some of those are based on real historical findings, like the Scramasax of Beagnoth which is displayed in the British Museum in London, while for example the two headed Viking axe may only be mentioned in icelandic sagas.

I would love to get some feedback! :)

Weapons & Armour Of The Early Medieval Ages - M&B II Bannerlord Mod Announcement

Bela csampai perspeltive 01

Perspective 1

Bela csampai perspektive 02

Perspective 2

Bela csampai overview 01

Perspective 3

Bela csampai perspektive 03

Perspective 4

Bela csampai closeup horn 01

Drinking Horn

Bela csampai closeup francisca 01


Bela csampai closeup bow 01

Horseman Bow

Bela csampai closeup helmet 01 01

9th To 12th Century Norman Helmet

Bela csampai closeup shield 01

Norman Shield, Iron

Bela csampai closeup sword 01

Hersir Viking Sword

Bela csampai closeup scramasax 01

Scramasax Of Beagnoth

Bela csampai closeup axe 01

Two Headed Viking Axe

Weapons & Armour Of The Early Middle Ages